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Unfortunately, those same familiar mystical threats soon reemerge to threaten their peaceful life.

This is a bit hard to describe but since Mage is an allegory for my own life, with most all of the characters acting as avatars for people I know and love, I really try to not over-think the creative process when it comes to this narrative. Nrama : In this story, Kevin's reluctant to use his most powerful weapon, Excalibur. Why is that? Unfortunately, Kevin has learned over the years that drawing Excalibur means that its radiance stands out to his enemies. Now that they've found him, he seems to be ok with being sacrificed?

What gives? Wagner : Mythologically, the Fisher King is a messianic figure…a medieval add-on to the Christ cycle.

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As we saw in 14 , the Fisher seems to embody many aspects of other mythological beings, all of whom are associated with rebirth and renewal. Unlike Christ rising from the dead, the Fisher King offers hope not in his resurrection but in his survival, by continuing onward despite his severe adversities. Like many messianic figures, there comes a time when the ultimate sacrifice must be faced and they often seem to do so willingly, or at least with the realization that this moment was predestined.

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The Umbra Sprite has experienced a vision of an approaching confluence of mystical power…the union of "The Three. We've gone from a lone Grackleflint in a trenchoat to a literal Goddess of the Underworld. What will be Kevin's last battle, and how is it bigger than the rest?


And so far, after years of story time and many, many published pages… the Pendragon has yet to ever meet the Umbra in face-to-face combat. Nrama : In issue 15 , Kevin and the Umbra Sprite are going to meet for their final confrontation. What will be going on in Kevin's mind at that point? All the rest of it, the Struggle and the inevitable face-off with his long-time enemy, are just secondary concerns to him at this point… the hero is seemingly denied.

Nrama : You introduce Kevin's son, Hugo, into this story arc. Does he have a future story ahead of him? If so, what might it look like? Will Kevin blame himself for what happens to his loved one? And, naturally, that ties into him not fulfilling his heroic role in the first place.

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Would he still have ended up with his family facing such immediate danger, as they are now? And, despite all his shortcomings and potentially bad decisions, will the hero inside him prevail in the end? Nrama : Mirth is almost entirely out of magic. As Kevin himself runs out of power, we have to ask: Should Kevin fail, does Mirth have enough magic to defeat his enemy?

Kevin started off his heroic life by rejecting and not believing anything Mirth told him. He did the same with Wally Ut. I played as a rogue and it made sense.

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I played it as a mage, and you can laugh your ass off at some scenes then. Poet Eliot had it all wrong User Info: Koelker Yes I agree with the others. User Info: Lazeeey. User Info: mstarcruiser. Mage story actually makes sense. Templars ignoring you because you have direct dealings with the Viscount seem to work.

If the Viscount needed Hawkes support so bad, and after Hawke even rescued his son, couldn't have have granted Bethany's freedom at some point as a reward. See playing a mage in my perspective was the least sense story wise. The fact the Templars are ignoring you especially in Act 1, before you become "noble" and before the viscount needs you, goes against every single thing the Templars said they were trying to accomplish.

Why would they ignore you, when you can Walk right up to several templars and practically shout I am a mage, and suddenly all the templars have a hearing problem, what is so special about Hawke in Act 1 to warrant that behavior? You help three Templars in act 1, because they can't live without you helping?

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They suddenly cant do their job? Just made NO sense at all. Poor writing on that one to say the least. The only act the made some what sense was Act 2, regardless of class.


But then Act 3 you are a mage, and instead of your choices of what to do with the Mages mattering, the outcome is the same, the Templars and Mages Kidnap your lover or sibling, and then try to kill you, even if you helped them! Then even if you side with Orsino, Marideth asks you to hunt down "suspected blood mages" even though she has physically seen you use blood magic if you have the skill tree and she also knows that you have been setting mages free all over the free marches, and she still asks for YOUR help?

THEN, on top of all these head scratches and huhs? Even though in Ferelden mages could not hold even a Noble title, they still lock mages up in Kirkwall and treat them like cattle, but you can become Viscount? So in conclusion, it makes Very little sense story wise that Hawke mage gets special treatment User Info: Fraust. You forgot to add in being a female mage and getting with Sebastian in a rivalry so you can become princess of Starkhaven as well. Not bad for a blood mage, ruling over half the free marches.