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The atmosphere had a fervent air of devotion that must be experienced to be understood. A young Burmese boy helps his father to light candles. The temple grounds were full of families spending time together.

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Of course, there still a huge sense of a party, below, a group of girls take party snap shots and more fireworks. Meanwhile, in the town itself, the locals are having a lantern procession.

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The myth behind the festival states that when Buddha descended to Earth, all earthly beings welcomed him with light, song and dance. I suppose that the only way to explain the scenes below is that it is a re-enactment of the legend:. As you can see from the pretty little girl above, everyone is dressed in their best. Below, an important Buddhist symbol, the White Elephant. Coincidentally as I write this, Singapore celebrates the Indian Festival of Lights or Deepavali; a occasion that marks the triumph of good over evil, of light breaking darkness.

After all, I am writing in light no?

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As a footnote: Many people argue for sanctions against this beautiful country, all in the name of democracy. I will not cast my eyes away from the obvious horrors… but, remember; every little bit hurts the people who are beautiful. If you want to make a change, force countries such as mine to stop laundering money for the bloody generals or have their sons enjoy life in Ferraris while their people suffer. Your email address will not be published. The Dreamingpunk's Soggy Bootprints.

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